Friday, November 5, 2010

Forget this! Rutgers loves me just the way I am :]

As you all know, I can't stand stupid people! What I also can't stand are smart people! I am not a big fan of mediocrity either, so in general, I hate people!

At the moment, I am most hating pretentious smart people! Because of them, it's hard to achieve contentment, and I feel the need to prove myself all the time. In rebellion, I told myself I wouldn't study for my SAT IIs tomorrow. I was determined to not care! But then, around 30 minutes ago I was struck by the arrow of Asian nerdiness ergo my current state:

(I have resolved to burn these books)

I am currently having one of those moments where the books are in front of me, I know that it's too late for them to make a difference, I'm calling myself stupid for not studying earlier, I'm craving chocolate, I still want to attempt to study anyways, I don't want to open these books yet I don't want to not open them -> basically, I'm just very confused.

In any case, this morning I checked my Rutgers status and it reads:
It's the most affordable and realistic option, and I'd be with awesome people!

Yea...all the awesome people are brown :P

So you know what I say to you SAT people?
Forget this! Rutgers loves me just the way I am :]


  1. Haha, see, I do read your blog!
    Good luck on SAT IIs, Im sure you'll do well anyways. xD
    And congrats!

  2. I agree with the third to last statement lol!

    and btw, we applied to the same schools for Rutgers in that order too lol.

  3. Aww I do love you Anna !!!! Lol, I'm so happy I made it onto your blog. -Aparna