Sunday, October 31, 2010

This is why we aren't going to get into college

There is an advantage to blogging; I have a bank of truly random anecdotes to pull from for my college essays. I think I'm going to use pieces of There is. It's called captcha for my Georgetown short answer, and I used posts from a previous anonymous blog for one of my Gtown essays. The short answer asked about my most significant activity in or out of school, and I was thinking of how if I were to be 100% honest, I'd say it was stalking on facebook. I said that to Eric, and he told me how an honest person would go ahead and do it. My response:

[10:11:26 PM] annabanana: but they also wouldn't get into college
[10:11:42 PM] annabanana: it would be one of those things where the husband admits to cheating
[10:11:44 PM] annabanana: the wife goes
[10:11:47 PM] annabanana: thank you for being honest
[10:11:52 PM] annabanana: now i'm going to divorce your ass

Therein lies the dilemma: colleges want your essay to be honest and to reflect your voice, but they neither want the truth nor someone with a stupid voice.

I really should be doing work right now instead of blogging but I try not to go too long without writing something. Sometimes I feel bad for taking the time to write these when everyone else is so focused on doing work, but then someone will message me about something they just read in one of my posts, and I feel better knowing other people aren't working either.

I was just talking with Jess on the phone after having finished my first essay:

me: I still need to write the last essay. What about you?
Jess: Oh that? I gave up on essays! 
me: Don't worry about it. When's the MIT one due?
Jess: Tomorrow...
me: oh
Jess: This is such a funny quote! (proceeds to read random lines from a website)
me: What site is it?
Jess: I'll send you the link
me: Cool! 
This is why we aren't going to get into college


  1. LOL =] there is no other comment besides that haha

  2. I read your posts from time to time :) Thanks for humoring me! :D


  3. Wow, im reading most of your posts now, and this one is pretty damn funny lmao.
    Being honest would only get you so far, because in the end, all the good honest people get screwed over by the dishonest.
    just how the world works unfortunately.