Sunday, March 27, 2011

Reader Response

It's never occurred to me to have a Reader Response, but I received a comment today that kind of demands a response.

Anonymous said...
One question: What if the school you know you will have a better time at is extremely expensive, while the other school that will also get you where you need to be is extremely cheap (say you got a full ride)? Does this change things? I know it's hypothetical but you will probably have to make this choice (just as I have). 
Hi Anonymous!

Just for you, I'm going to be open about my options. As of now, I've gotten into Georgetown (McDonough), NYU (Stern), and Rutgers. I've also been waitlisted at Washington University and Duke. At this point, it should probably be relatively obvious to you that I'm considering an undergraduate major in business. Without any financial aid, Georgetown is (rounded sums) $58000, NYU $60000, and Rutgers...I'm not sure, but I got a full ride. In the field of business, Stern is one of the best schools there is, and will provide me with access to great internships and career opportunities. However, I think I'd have a better time at Georgetown, which seemed more laid back when I visited this weekend - and I loved Washington D.C. As for Rutgers, while I recognize that McDonough might not be as intense as Stern (and who knows, it might even be better...must do a little more research), the gap between McDonough and Stern is much less significant than that between Rutgers and Stern. On the other hand, while McDonough and Stern are of comparable prices, Rutgers is significantly less, or non-existent.

At the moment, I'm favoring Georgetown, for the reasons I mentioned in my previous entry, but who knows, that might change. Before making any decision, I'll have to visit Stern, see where else I get in, and have a serious discussion about how I'm going to finance college with my parents. I did receive a scholarship from all my colleges so far, but even then, they're still very heavy financial burdens, and I may very well choose Rutgers in the end.

I'm pretty sure I didn't answer your question, but I hope that at the very least, you now know that someone else is in a similar predicament. I'm curious though, what decision did you come to? Whatever the case may be, I hope you're happy :)

To a Bright Future

Like many, I've had college fore in my thoughts of late. Now that we're actually starting to hear back from certain places, I've reached a few conclusions and since this is my blog, I thought I'd share.

For a long time, I saw college as a stepping stone to something else - a springboard to the future. However, I've recently begun to recognize that college is a step in life, in and of itself. It's four entire years of my life. Rather than choose the college I go to for a certain program that will be beneficial to a future career or salary, I'm going to choose where I go based on if it's somewhere I'd like to spend the next few years of my life. 

You've probably already reached this conclusion, but this is a new concept to me. I think what made high school less than enjoyable for me at times, was that I saw it too much as a platform to college rather than as a unique period of my life that I'll never experience again. Of the choices I'm currently faced with, I've decided to favor the college that I think I'll have a better time at, rather than the one that'll guarantee me that future career that to be honest, I don't even really know is the one I want.
To a Bright Future

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Congradulations Kathy!

My little baby is all grown up! and headed straight for success. Now, I don't want to sound like I'm bragging, but my Kathy got into Cornell!!!

If that face doesn't look like it has success written all over it, I don't know whose does.
Congradulations Kathy!

1 word: Senioritis

On the subject of English essays...

2nd Semester Senior: I'll probably be late

you can't be late forever
so you'll have to write this eventually
and it's not that late tonight
might as well write it now
the grade doesn't matter anymore
so i figure
might as well turn in completely poopy work on time
than quality writing late
unless you were referring to sleeping late
in which case disregard this rant
2nd Semester Senior: Arriving late =]

1 word: Senioritis
Conclusion: he's going to school late and avoiding turning in this essay altogether :P 

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My TV list

I like lists. I make many many lists, usually on Sticky Notes. I have a list for blog brainstorm ideas, a list for important dates (graduation, citizenship, etc), a list of college fees, a list for TV series I'd like to follow, a list for TV series I am currently following, and more.

I knocked two items off one of my lists today. While doing so, I thought, why not share my list of TV series I follow. Feel free to recommend other shows I should watch.

Shows I let fall by the wayside -> I watched it, and then I didn't:
- Royal Pains
- Outlaw
- Desperate Housewives
- Heroes (nearly finished it; summer goal to watch entire last season)
- Lost (I wussed out in the last season, but I hear the ending is kind of wtf)
- Gossip Girls
- Vampire Diaries
- Baker King
- Parenthood
- Survivor
- Pretty Little Liars
- Skins (UK)

Shows I just finished this week -&gt:
- Dream High
- My Princess

Shows I'm currently watching -> mostly watch online or On Demand after they air:
- V (watch it!)
- Outsourced
- Storage Wars
- Being Human (BBC; Syfy)
- Face Off

Shows I intend on watching at some point in life but just never get around to watching:
- Law and Order
- Breakout Kings (airs on the 6th)
- Glee
- House
- Dexter

That's all I have for now on
My TV list