Tuesday, November 9, 2010

It better be worth watching!

I had a lot to share from my day yesterday, but unfortunately I didn't get a chance to blog. You know, because I was busy living my life and all that jazz. In any case, today's blog will in large part be a random compilation of things from yesterday and today.

Yair's Yarns:

In IPLE, Mr. Brodman posed the presenting group with the difficult question of "What's the difference between freedom and liberty?" After some moments of deep thinking and silence from the group as they pondered this impossible riddle, Yair walked up to home plate and took one for the team. His ever so intelligent response: "The spelling?"

Lard from the Lunchroom:

Yesterday they were serving the hands down nastiest looking lunch ever - other than perhaps those strange meat skewers they tried feeding us once or twice. I'm not certain why, but I found this lunch hilarious. On seeing it, I literally broke down laughing -> Aakash will be my witness that upon seeing Chris's lunch I almost died. In response to my question as to "What the hell is that?", Chris responded, "It looks like cat food..."

Yo Yoselevich:

In stat today, we learned about extrapolation. Then Mrs. Y goes, "naturally the opposite would be..." and the class goes "interpolation". Wtf? I thought it'd be intrapolation. Why does interpolation get to be inter? Then extrapolation should be exterpolation, duh. These math peoples have really got to learn their English!

Hangin' with Hamlet:

Let me just say that the movie is completely ruined by this dude:

In the words of Sonam, "This guy's such a tool!"

Buzz from Bianca:

"Beyonce has the best weaves. They use her in shampoo commercials! That's not her real hair! People are just stupid."

*side note: watch the documentary Good Hair by Chris Rock. I watched it last year and I found it fascinating! Learned so much :D

Armaan's Words of Wisdom:

It doesn't matter if you're stoned or hammered, just make sure you follow Kyleigh's Law, and get out of that party before 11:00. You don't want to be caught on the road after hours :P Just Kidding!

His legit pearl of counsel: "One day your life is going to flash before your eyes;
It better be worth watching!


  1. Anna...
    inter- between
    intra- within

  2. First off, Yair would say that haha =]
    Second yeah when I saw that on Edmund's plate I immediately started laughing and thinking of that terrible asian lunch lady and then your blog haha Just stop buying lunch! What do you expect? It to be good?!
    third That movie looks awesome we should add it to the list of movies to watch haha
    Fouth DISAGREE Kenneth Branagh is a beast! Though he does look older than I would imagine hamlet to be...

  3. i also wanna rewatch super size me. so my entire wish list consists of documentaries atm. food inc, super size me, and good hair (i'd watch it again if you want to) :D

  4. lol Anna you are sooo crazy! i mean you and your obsession with that Good Hair movie-hilarious! i think you need to be black for a day and then you will NOT think being nappy-headed (movie vocab now that your all knowledgable) is so coool

    <3 Bianca

  5. ...i have no idea why i did anonymous. hehe silly

  6. shhh. people aren't supposed to know about my obsession. i just share it w/ you you nappy-headed fool. jk I <3 you!

    p.s. even if you didn't leave your name, I would've known it was you :P