Sunday, April 3, 2011

Collegeboard sucks!

Recall that post from just yesterday when I severed all ties with Collegeboard? Well, I lied because apparently, I am going to sue that son of a gun! Mere hours after I unsubscribed from the site, I receive an email informing me of the following:

What?! How is this ok?!?! I am actually going to sue if I get spammed because of them. In fact, it would be a great way to finance my next four years of life.
Collegeboard sucks!
Food for thought:
Anyone else get this email?
Do you really believe that no personal information has been leaked?
Is there actually some legal basis we can sue on?

Kevin loves me

As some of you may know, I am Kevin Sun's biggest fan!

I take great pride and effort in my stalking of this sophomore. In fact, I think that everyone deserves to discover the joys of stalking Kevin Sun, so I've decided to share with ya'll my findings to date.

A seemingly ordinary music folder, the inside flap of mine hosts my beloved "Kevin Log." Recognizing that you are seeing it backwards, I will include its text below:
2-7-2011 10:21 am
   Kevin initiates conversation
   - evidence of progress
10:35 am
   Kevin's address of residence acquired
   - commence stalking
10:36 am
   Kevin called me mean
   - take 3 steps back
   Kevin admitted to feeling lonely during my 2 day absence
   - phase A complete
   Wished Kevin a happy Valentine's Day
   - ignored
   New information acquired
   - one 10 years old brother
   - birthday in January
   - 16 years old
3-28-2011 10:20 pm
   Friendship Facebook official
   - phase B complete
With each passing day, new progress is made. (For the record: Kevin friend requested me!)

Remember this, my fellow Kevin Sun stalkers, regardless of how unresponsive he may seem, do not grow disheartened because my experience has shown me that perseverance is key. Though he may ignore me most days and almost daily directs an exasperated sigh my way, I know in my heart that
Kevin loves me

Saturday, April 2, 2011


In my spare time, I also freelance as a word creator.

Evidence A:

it was a good movie
just didn't meet my expectations
and I was getting kind of tired of this generic
romcom fare
says I who watch
the most generic romcoms of romcomdom
"Romcomdom." Use it!

I'm done with college applications!

I remember joking back in December how Hofstra University had sent me an email everyday reminding me of their application deadline, and then on the date of the deadline when I rejoiced at never again receiving an email from them, they sent me notification that they'd extend the deadline by 4 days for me. Four days later when I still had not applied to this school, I assumed that that would be the last I'd see of that college. And how wrong I was because four months past their "application deadline" I received an email:

"Hofstra deadline extension granted"
Most of you are probably wondering why I haven't just unsubscribed to their emails. It's because I foolishly kept believing that their deadline was actually going to be over and that at that time, naturally I'd stop receiving emails from them. Little did I think that over four months after their supposed deadline I'd still be receiving spam from them. Well, no more because I have officially unsubscribed from Hofstra University!

Yet another demon in my life that needs to get the message is Collegeboard. Yesterday, they had the audacity to send me an email reminding me to apply for the next SAT testing date. Uhm, I don't think so!

"Anna, whatever you want to be, college can help!"
After years of having been tormented by this website and their "Questions of the Day" which I had redirected to a separate email address, I have at last unsubscribed from Collegeboard, and good riddance! Few moments in my life have been more satisfying. Through seemingly small measures such as these and regaining my identity on Facebook, I feel as though I am reclaiming my life. At long last,
I'm done with college applications!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Rutgers 2015?

So, today was interesting, to say the least...
*warning: today's blog is going to be in that long-winded narrative style I occasionally do

I got up this morning and drove to Amy's house, whereupon we went to the high school to turn in our absence notes. Afterwards, we drove down to Rutgers to attend the SAS Honors Program Open House. There was lots of food there, so Amy and I proceeded to eat our feelings. jk. sort of.

Don't judge! There were so many options, so instead of choosing, I just tried a bit of everything :P
The apple juice that they had there was good, but somewhat impossible to open, or so we thought until Indraneel showed up and owned us.

The left one shows off my skills and in the right one, Amy is demonstrating the proper technique for stabbing open cardboard containers filled with liquefied fruit. In all honesty though, it was good apple juice. Just ask Amy; she had three :)

After a bit, the other got there. Others as in Amalan, Greg, Sue, and Tony. Anvita, Srishti, and Holly were also there, but they opted not to share a table with us miscreants. Interesting fact: us East Brunswick students were the only people there who went without our parents. Weird eh? Anyhow, we tried to listen for a while, but it just didn't work out.

Greg and Amalan playing tic tac toe. Tony er....
In the end, we were left with no choice but to sneak out during break mysteriously appear at the Menlo Park Mall. While there perusing different stores and considering the purchase of a rabbit, we ran into guess who? Steph and Stanley of course! I almost convinced the nine of us to take pictures with the Easter Bunny, if not for Sue's irrational fear of the costumed creature. *sigh*

Deciding that we had been absent for a while now, we decided to return to Rutgers. It was only through sheer coincidence that we happened to be there when they began serving lunch. The food was nice, and we talked with lots of people, including this one man by the name of Dean Nazario; he was really cool. He actually managed to pull off spectacles and an ear piercing, and gave us quite a thorough background of the Philosophy program at RU.

It was snowing today!
As the luncheon came to an end, people began to leave for a tour of Jamieson Hall, one of the dorms on Douglas. However, we decided that visiting David Kolchmeyer's dorm would be a more accurate representation of our potential future dorming situations, so we drove up to Busch instead. Let me just say that his dorm almost convinced me to go to Rutgers. Their rooms are mad nice! There was however, the peculiar presence of a Lady Speedstick in their living room :O That was more than compensated by the comfiness of their couches though.

Wow, this post is really getting long, so I'm going to just give a bare bones description of the rest of our afternoon: Amy, Brooke, and I went to Easton Ave for Boba (isn't it BaBao in Chinese?) Tea where we ran into Bridget and Tesia in a parking lot. After that we went to Loews and watched The King's Speech. We would have stayed and watched The Adjustment Bureau too were it not for a Science Olympiad party I had to attend. The party ended up being crazy fun! Neil was super awesome by lending his house and cooking crazy tasty food, and I ended a night of poker with a final winning hand of a Royal straight! I'm really going to miss all my Olympians and may even consider visiting them next year <3

Somewhere mixed into my day, I cried for the first time in a long time. All in all, I hadn't laughed so hard or cried so much in quite some time; it was honestly a great day in the life of Anna Dai (note: to appease Kevin Sun, I have corrected my name on Facebook). Today was a really nice reminder of all the people I've been blessed to have met during the past year. It also completely confused me in that I have no clue where I want to go to college. Actually, you know what? Let's just bypass this whole college dilemma:
Rutgers 2015?