Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The rebirth of the blog

I haven't written an entry in a while, and part of that is because of this thought that I've become a new, more mature person since coming to college. There was a pseudo-shameful sentiment attached to my old writings wherein a younger, barely post-preteen Anna resided, and I didn't want new friends to see me in that way. To better present my point, it's like admitting that you watched Disney Channel shows growing up. It's so uncool these days to admit that you watched Hannah Montana and co., but everyone did! We all keep our ignominious TV pasts to ourselves, but then when someone finds the courage within themselves to confess their love for say One Direction in public, everyone suddenly unites in their shared likes and it almost becomes cool to say you used to watch the Power Rangers, etc.

Returning to my original point - random tangents not being something I've lost in my questionable maturity - I had a bit of shame in my past blogs and even just the name of this blog (Ordinary Asian?) and didn't see fit to continue on this forum. However, I've recently gotten a bit of an itch for the keyboard and just want to blog blog blog! My first consideration was that I could just tweak my old posts to smooth them out and have them be more reflective of my current person. My old entries are like a public snapshot of an old diary - so embarrassing! Of course, I almost immediately realized how absurd it would be to change my past for fear of what others might think of me. Instead, I'm choosing to openly declare that yes! I was a dorky kid in the past, and that I am a dorky kid now, and that I'd be really upset if I wasn't a future dorky me!

And that was all simply to say, I shall resume this here blog.

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