Thursday, January 24, 2013

Dorm room Makeover!

So, my roommate doesn't know this yet, but I redid our room this afternoon. I rearranged where all the furniture is, including the location of my bed. Surprise?!

I needed a very real reminder that I am in control of my life and that nothing is set in stone. In a physical manifestation of my internal desire for change, I moved everything around and I am very happy to report that I think the new layout is phenomenal.

Everyone should try it out. Take some aspect of your life that you view as permanent, and subvert it. Who knows? A new perspective might be just the thing you need.

Our phenomenal room!
Be jealous!


  1. Was the picture of my messy side really necessary???? lol

  2. Lol and your about me is "I am the sass master"??? lmaoooo